Name Genber Diode
Kanji グバンー・ダイオード
Epithet Bucket Head
Affiliation World's Construction Project
Genber Empire
Number 0
First Appearance Chapter 1

Genber Diode(グバンー・ダイオード) is a fictional character in the manga series of Jumbor Barutronica. He is the prototype Jumbor created by Dr. Docult and is the Govenor of the Genber Empire.


He is a rather tall man, ussually seen wearing a black suit with a white a shirt and a yellow and black stripped tie.

His head takes on a strange cubic shape, is golden and many people comment how it looks like a bucket. It is later revealed to be a retractable helmet with a faceplate, that works as his Jumbor Horns and that he still has a normal human head with combed back hair beneath it.[1]


He have completly lost faith in hummanity and believes that the only way to save the planet is to turn everything plain and build a whole new world. Despite his extreme way of solving the world's crisis, Genber still appears to be a very calm and collected man and was completly unfaced by the fact that he was hit by a missile and later a nuclear bomb and merely talked about the work he was about to begin.

Even though he is the new ruler of the world, he believes that he does not deserve the tittle of majesty yet as he still doesn't have a kingdom and also participates in the work himself. According to Rivetta Dovork he is also a proud Construction Warrior himself, though he is also very spontanious and is quick to completly leave one construction site in favor of another.[2]


As a Jumbor he posseses inhuman strenght and resilience to the point where a point blank hit from a nuclear bomb barely burned of his cloth. His Iron Gauntlets allows him to turn both his hand into a Bucket Wheel Excavator.


During the meeting at the White House, Genber suddenly appears and grab all the microphones with one hand before politely announcing the start of the World Construction Project. He goes on to introduce himself to the people around the world and reasons his project to the shock of all of mankind watching. He calls for his Jumbors and the rest of his Heavy Machinery to awaken and a small girl, the Jumbor Petica, appear before him. They are both quickly attacked by a missile from a fightter plane, but Genber easily protect the two of them with his Iron Gauntlet. Seeing Petica, he ask her if everything is ready and upon her confirmation has her announce to the world that they are going to start.

After surviving the Nuclear Bomb thrown at him and Petica, Petica notice someone still breathing amongst the wreckage that Genber recognise as Baru Crow. Calling their meeting destiny, he picks him up and say that he will need his help for his work ahead.


  • Due to the odd shape of his Jumbor Horns he is often refered to as Bucked-Head.


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