A Jumbor(ユンボル) also known as Jyuki Ningen(重機人間 Heavy Mecha Humans), are humans powered by Heavy Machinery. The Jumbors were created by Dr. Docult on the behalf of Genber Diode after Genber discovered the mineral Jumborite. They were made to to mine for more Jumborite in the Garden of Yuden a place with an environment that would kill any human trying to work there.[1]


The Jumbors were created by combining the greatest Construction Warriors with Heavy Machinery. They all posses inhuman strenght and resilience. Genber and Petica were shown surviving a Nuclear Missile fired directly at them with only minor burns to their cloth.[2] Each Jumbor are given a number according to the order in which they were created.

Iron Gauntlets

Each Jumbor posses a pair of "Iron Gauntlets" that are made of willpower-alloy and change their size at will. Though all the jumbors have them all, each of them have a unique and huge consturction tool they can transform them into that is chosen after their personal skill. Baru was the best with a shovel so his hands can transform into large shovels.


On their feets are "Magnetabis" that stabilize the Jumbor and ensure that no matter the size of their Iron Gauntlet they are still able to stand firmly on the ground.

Jumbor Horns

Finally are each Jumbor outfittet with "Jumbor Horns", a pair of plates on their head that regulates all the bodies vital functions as well as the Iron Gauntlets and the Magnetabis through commnucation with a chip in the Jumbor's brain. They are the Jumbor's main weak point as disconnecting them would instantly kill them. The left side of their horn is ussually engraved with their number followed by a capital D.

Inside the horns are the source of the Jumbor's power, a small fragment of the piece of Jumborite that Genber mannaged to obtain. Despite this, they still deplete energy when using their Iron Gauntlets and must eat like normal humans to replenish their energy.[3]

List of JumborsEdit

Name Number Iron Gauntlet
Genber Diode 0 Bucket Wheel Excavator.
Crane 1 Mobile crane
Hubsub 2 Dumptruck
Kili 3 Rock Drill
Vise 4 Vise Grip
Mixa 5 Cement Mixer
Blow 6 Unknown
Doza 7 Bulldozer
Chain 8 Unknown
Wrench 9 Wrecking Ball
Petica 10 Unknown
Baru Crow 11 Shovel
Drill 12 Drill


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