Jumbor (ユンボル, Yunboru) is an ongoing series written by Hiroyuki Takei and Hiromasa Mikami. The series is a reboot to the original Weekly Shonen Jump series Jumbor Barutronica. This manga takes place in an alternate universe from the original story, but features many of the same characters. It is currently being serialized in Ultra Jump.


Baru Crow is a construction warrior and the leader of an elite team of construction workers. His normal life is disrupted when the mysterious Genber Diode and his Jumbors appear and threaten to destroy the world in order to rebuild it from ground up. When Baru survives the levelling of the entire world, Genber takes notice of Baru and decides to use him as the basis for a new Jumbor. When Baru awakens years later, he finds a very different world and reluctantly agrees to join Rivetta Dovork in hopes of finding his family again and restoring the world to the way it was.


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