Name Kili
Kanji キリ
Affiliation World's Construction Project
Genber Empire
Number 3
First Appearance Chapter 1

Kili(キリ) is a fictional character in the manga series of Jumbor Barutronica. She is the third Jumbor created by Dr. Docult.


Kili is a young woman with long blond hair. She wears a pair of white pants and a white coat with a bare upper body except for bandages that cover up her breast. Her jumbor horns takes the for of a black bow, with her Nr. written on the left side.



As a Jumbor she posseses inhuman strenght and resilience. Her Iron Gauntlets allows Kili to turn her right hand into a Rock Drill, strong enough to perforate Mount Everest in one strike.


After hearing Chain talking about the value of construction material and culturel property and use it as reason to break down the Chinese Wall she agrees. Standing before Mt. Everest, she decides to pierce a tunnel through to unite people and attack it with a great furry.


  • Her clothing is similar to those of high school female gang members seen in other manga and anime series.