Name Wrench
Kanji モンケン
Affiliation World's Construction Project
Genber Empire
Number 9
First Appearance Chapter 1

Wrench(モンケン) is a fictional character in the manga series of Jumbor Barutronica. He is the ninth Jumbor created by Dr. Docult.


Wrench is extremly short and his hair is smooth and shaped like an onion. He wears a cloak and a forehead protector that framed his face with his stamp on it. Wrench's Jumbor Horns takes the shape of cross screws and he appears to carry a Shinai on his back


He believes that wisdom cannot save the world and that construction work is the only way to change it.


As a Jumbor he posseses inhuman strenght and resilience. His Iron Gauntlets allows Wrench to transform his left hand into a large Wrecking Ball


When the World's Reconstruction was announced by Petica Wrench was first seen in a Budhist Temple, smashing a statue with his Wrecking Ball, stating that fact was better than faith and that the world could not be saved by wisdom, only construction.